How to get unstuck and feel better

I love dancing and my husband and I took ballroom dancing lessons a bunch of years ago. Dancing is simple and with diligent practice of the step patterns we got really good and even won a beginner Jive competition. This was before kids and life happened 😉

I’ve noticed that as life goes on sometimes I get tired of the same dance over and over. Ruts are so easy to fall into and before we know it, we’re stuck in them. I’ve been there, done that!

So how can you change the steps to the dance you’re doing so that you steer yourself into a dance of fun, joy, and fulfillment?

Here are the top tools I share with my clients and with my for healing kasia rachfall

  • Focus on what is working instead of what isn’t. Even if you can’t feel deep gratitude for it all, find something that you can be thankful for and start focusing there. Gratitude grows.
  • If you find yourself stuck in an emotion stop whatever you’re doing and do something you know you enjoy instead to interrupt that pattern. (my Emotional Trigger Emergency Kit shows you how)
  • Be very clear about what you want because wishy-washy desires will get you wishy-washy rewards and results.
  • Take responsibility for everything that comes into your life and know it’s only a reflection of something inside you that is wanting your attention and love.
  • Practice saying “I love you” to yourself daily. You can choose one thing about yourself that you love and start there.
  • Take time to listen to your inner guidance every single day and act on it.

The beauty is that now my kids remind me of these tools when they see me stuck. And I’ve even heard them recommend these to friends, family and all kinds of people! Gotta love empowered kids 🙂


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