How to quiet the monkey mind

The voice of ego is like a dustball – no one really likes dust but living without dust requires very special equipment. The same with our monkey mind – it’s always there even if no one really likes it. You can manage the the monkey mind with special techniques just like you can manage dust.

clouds kasia rachfall monkey mindOne of the easiest ways that I have found we can manage our mind is to refuse to follow the tangents it takes us on. You know, the fear based,  catastrophe, worst case scenario style thinking or the constant barrage of “this isn’t good enough thinking.” I’ve had my battles with that and I’m sure you have too. The worst part for me was when I could hear my kids saying these types of things either to themselves or to each other.

“Oh no!” I thought. “They’ve learned these bad habits too!”

What I find has worked to begin unraveling the monkey mind is to simply say to yourself “That’s interesting” to any and all such thoughts and judgments. You can also add “I love you” to that because this works to cultivate a deep self love. Saying this statement to yourself interrupts your thought patterns so that you can then choose a different thought.

So anytime you catch your monkey mind chattering loudly or judging yourself/others, say to it “I love you, isn’t that interesting?” and don’t follow the thought tangents. Choose different thoughts. This takes consistent practice.

I have shared this technique with my kids and now we are all practicing it. Until we all reach universal consciousness we will have a mind to live with. This is just one easy way to begin managing your self talk and monkey mind.


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