My Purpose won’t take no for an answer and putting myself out there

Ok so here’s the thing: I am afraid to share what I am about to share but I feel like if I don’t I will explode. Holding it in is not an option because it may wither and die. For those of you who have read some of my posts you know that I ask some tough questions and don’t always get an answer. I am also open to a whole new way of life and I get that not everyone always understands my choices or what I am about. I’m scared to share this stuff because as much as I am comfortable with myself and love myself a whole lot more than I used to, I am still afraid of putting myself out there for people to scrutinize and/or judge.

You see, for the last decade I have been on this conscious journey of discovery after my rather rude conscious awakening.  The last five of those ten years I have been in business for myself really trying to find my way in the world and create this positive shift that I know I am meant to create. It has been incredibly fun and it’s also been a huge struggle. I have had some amazing experiences, met some lovely people all over the world and been to the bottom of hell. I’ve taken detours along the way and chased the wrong things. What I love is that now I can look at all those experiences and choices and be grateful for where they brought me and for everything I have learned. But even despite this gratitude I’m scared!

So here goes…I am in a business right now that I love with people that I love. It’s an amazingly empowering company with products that empower families to get healthy and abundant. I am also being very powerfully drawn towards that passion and purpose that I realized I have for empowering people who are ready to heal. And I’m being drawn back to it in a way that is more direct and purposeful than I have been in the past. I feel like I have no choice but to go this way or this idea will never come to fruition and my purpose won’t be fulfilled.

I am being woken up in the middle of the night to write. I have been guided to resurrect my first book that I published a few years ago and to republish it as  a Kindle book. I have been led to rewrite and update all my bios on all the various social sites and platforms I am part of. I am being given increased clarity of my purpose. I have been led to connect with women I used to network and work with. I even had the name of this blog downloaded to me this past summer and it was available as a dotcom website! When someone asks me what I do I have been saying “I am passionate about empowering women to finish healing.” And when I say this it resonates with some deep part of the other person and they light up and say “wow!” and proceed to tell me how much this work means and how they have seen it change their world.

I’ve been afraid to share this passion and purpose with the world because I am worried about what people will think of me. I have my own struggles in empowering myself but I have figured out a bunch of strategies, solutions, and tools that work amazingly well to help people feel better about themselves and to help them create what they want in life. I also know the importance of unconditional support. And there are so many women who are consciously awake who don’t really know where to start. All my learnings, experiences, and inspired downloads have helped figure out what works for me. I’m trusting that this will also help others.



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