We’re not only ready, we’re living it!!

When I first started on this journey it seemed like everyone was in the dark about what manifesting is, what consciousness ipaths, and I felt like I was this crazy woowoo person trying to help myself figure out a better life. So many people in my life during that time were always complaining about their life yet not doing anything to improve it. I never understood that because when I learned about the concept of personal responsibility and realized that I had the power to change my own life, I did everything I could to do it. I bumbled a lot and made tons of mistakes, but I was willing! I didn’t understand why people weren’t at least willing to accept responsibility for themselves.

Well, today I had the opportunity to speak to lots of women (and some men) at an event I attended in Vancouver and I love how things have shifted! All kinds of people are into woowoo and it’s not so woowoo anymore! Everyone I talked to now fully realizes that they have so much potential and they are actively and eagerly exploring it. Even if they don’t have all the pieces they are certain that they are at least on the right path to discovering their full potential. I love it!

I know that this has to do with my own belief in my ability to allow my potential to unfold. And it also has to do with the fact that more and more people are becoming consciously aware. I’m so excited that women are questioning their own beliefs and habits and are more willing to follow their hearts and passions. There is so much more to life than just our responsibilities. It took me a while to learn that and to trust that I, too, can have more.

I feel like something is going to come through me, I’ve been inspired to write a lot and I’ve bits and pieces of it. I am so excited that I can finally just observe it and allow it to unfold instead of expecting it to show up now, to push it, and to get impatient. And I’m so excited that so many more people in the world are living this unfolding too!


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