I wish all kids learned this

My son was really upset this evening and said it was because he didn’t know what to put on his Christmas list. I followed a hunch that this was about something much bigger than that. I was so grateful for all my coaching and NLP language skills and experience during the conversation that followed. We sifted through many beliefs and confusions. I felt that this was one of those epic conversations that would influence so many things in his life. I know this conversation has also made a deep impact on me because my physical body is now experiencing some nausea and throat pain. New truths for sure.

Like any moms, I don’t like it when my kids are upset because I want them to always just be happy. But I know that life brings all kinds of experiences and my role as a mother is to guide my kids to uncover what happiness is to them and how they can live it in their own way. I was so proud of my son’s ability to articulate his feelings of confusion, jealousy, fear, and even greed and his desire to try and make sense of what it means to have desires, expectations, to be a giving person, and to receive. He is such a giving person and he didn’t understand why he was feeling some of the things and how to move past them. He said he’s been trying to apply what he’s learned from listening to Dr Joe Vitale with me in the car but he didn’t understand it all. For example he wanted clarity on what it means to let go and how negative emotions can be good.

Like I said, I was so grateful for all my understandings and ahas and all the things I’ve learned because I found myself breaking it all down for him in such a simple way! Even I understood it better as I explained it using examples from his own frame of reference. At one point my son grabbed a piece of paper and started writing notes for himself on how desires manifest and what his role is in the manifestation process. He got all excited and understanding shone out of his eyes and he smiled from ear to ear. He got it! My daughter, who listened to our conversation, got it too. B's writing

Here is what he wrote:

  1. Know what you don’t want.
  2. Be clear about what you do want.
  3. Feel good as though you already have what you want.
  4. Let go and don’t worry about when it comes because you know it’s coming.
  5. Clear all emotions that try to stop you from getting what you want.
  6. Take inspired action and follow hunches.
  7. Be grateful for what you do have

There may be more to it but it doesn’t even matter. My kids are so fortunate to be learning this stuff when they are young and can think differently from the beginning. For me it has been a long road of unlearning old thinking and being habits and learning these new ones. I’m so excited for my kids and all kids who learn this! Imagine the world they are creating! I’m so honoured to be part of their learning.


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