Two pressing questions

I’ve had some interesting questions come up recently and I’m looking forward to the answers unfolding. Since my aha moments of clarity I’ve been taking action as I feel inspired to do so. I also have had a lot of old stuff come up to be cleared. By old stuff I mean fears, old beliefs, and especially physical body stuff. The body is still hiding things I haven’t been aware of before. I’m grateful because it makes taking inspired action a bit easier when the body sends me messages too.IMG00346

My first question is about the nature of Source. Is it an impersonal all knowing consciousness that simply responds to our vibration and brings us the things that we attract through that vibration? So is it just like a vibrational magnet? Or is there more to it than that? Is Source a benevolent guide that helps us uncover our path here on this planet and then bring us the things we attract through our vibration?

I would like to think that it guides me but I don’t know. I wonder if anyone knows?

My second question is if we can be shown what not to pursue while we take inspired action. This morning I had a hunch to do some searching on the internet in a very specific way and every search led me to a dead end. Was Source trying to show me that this isn’t the way to go and I should now wait for the next hunch?
I have been very focused on gaining clarity in my life and making some headway there. As I focus on what I want and clear my blocks I do get clearer and clearer hunches on what to pursue next towards my goals. So I wonder if I’m not quite clear enough yet and not hearing Source guidance properly? I would love to know the answers!


Your thoughts

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