How does success feel?

I once again experienced a huge aha today as I was driving. I was once again listening to The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale. I only listen to it when I drive so I get it in bits and pieces. Joe was talking about getting into the feeling of whatever it is I want as if that thing has already arrived. I have heard of this concept before and wondered how I am supposed to feel something that I have never experienced before. For example, let’s say I want to become a billionaire but have never had a billion dollars before so I don’t really know how it feels. I want to own an Infinity FX45 one day but again, I have never owned one before so I don’t really know how it feels. I’ve been stuck here before and didn’t know how to move through.

DSC02551I kept driving and Joe kept reading to me and started talking about gratitude and how important it is to be grateful for what we already have.

Then it clicked. I am grateful for everything in my life right now, all the good stuff and all the stuff that I want to change. I have been practicing gratitude for everything diligently and miracles have started to be a daily occurrence for me. I’ve been in awe of it! So when I have all the things and experiences I want I would still feel grateful for them! That’s the key that allowed me to break through!

I’m sure feelings of excitement or happiness will also be present when all my dreams occur but more than anything, the feelings I want to feel are gratitude for all those dreams. I will feel just as grateful and in awe as I do today of all the things that I have already experienced and achieved.

I am so excited to have had this aha. I feel like it’s been an elusive puzzle piece that I have allowed to stop me in the past. I feel like I can actually visualize what I want and feel it too because I know what it feels like to be grateful! Thanks, Joe!


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