What are your expectations?

I love success and up until very recently I haven’t loved the journey to success. I had high expectations that as long as I put in the effort I would succeed. And when the success didn’t come when I wanted it to I would doubt. I would also get upset and see everything as a failure. I kept telling myself lies.

mushroomsOne night I was chatting with my husband and we were both feeling sorry for ourselves because things were not coming together like we wanted them to. I work hard and so does he, so who’s dumb joke is this whole struggling and more struggling? Why would life here on Earth be so hard and unfair? Then a flash of brilliance hit us all of a sudden. The issue is our expectations and our keeping score with the Universe. If I do this, this should happen. If I do that, then this should happen.

That’s not how Universe works.

I realized that I expect struggle. Deep down in  my unconscious that’s what I’ve always expected. It’s another self saboteur I’ve become aware of. So now what? Well, I didn’t start digging any more to find more things wrong with me. I’m not doing that anymore thankfully. I accepted it and started loving it. Obviously it’s a neglected and hurting part of me and I want to love all of me fully because that’s how Universe loves.

It’s in the knowing that we are successful, abundant, and loving that success, love and abundance come. It’s not in the expectation of those things on some deadline we want. So we have been focused and practicing knowing instead of setting deadlines. It is a conscious process so far and we started simple. Some days it’s still rough because our unconscious is so powerful and doesn’t like change. It’s worth it, though. I feel more love and more loved and at home in this life.


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