Imagine this with me

Imagine this with me. Going through your day and focusing only on the things that are for your highest good and the highest good of those around you. Not questioning anything, not second guessing yourself, not facing dilemmas or tough decisions but only trusting that the next thought and feeling will lead you exactly to what you are meant to do next and through this you create a life rich in experiences, love, and abundance.

my cat SpockI had a glimpse of this recently as I was contemplating how my life has ended up where it’s at. I have admitted that I haven’t been trusting towards God at all in the past. I have healed my religious upbringing and now I feel safe using the word God. I know who and what God is to me and I am eager to co-create my life with God. The Ringing Cedars of Russia books were instrumental in this for me.

I realized that free will, although a great idea, is really what trips us up and prevents us from truly listening to our highest self who only ever works towards the highest good of all.

I know I’ve second guessed my gut instinct only to regret it later and promising myself that I would always listen from that moment on. Inevitably it seems, I stop listening, and my free will/ego thinks it knows better and I start questioning, second guessing, and meandering off my path. I have been on a journey of awakening for ten years and I have diligently worked on my own stuff, cleared it, and faced what I had to face. I have come to the realization that I am whole and there is nothing more to work on. All I need to practice now is listening to God and trusting.

So I have committed to be consistent in silence every day and to stop my thoughts when I find them running wildly. This is bringing up emotions and pain but it’s ok. Instead of analyzing them I am just loving them and getting to zero (as Joe Vitale would say). I love how much easier it is for me to hear God and discern what’s for my highest good versus what my ego wants to keep the status quo. My highest good involves work, dedication, love, kindness, laughter and all kinds of amazing experiences. The status quo is not that exciting or compelling.


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