There is NO magic unicorn

unicornHoly %$&(* where do I start? I have had some deep realizations and aha moments that have just taken my life to a whole notha level. I realized how I have been sabotaging myself again and in such a sneaky way! I have been thinking a bit about the conspiracies in this world (like the music scale!) and do believe they are out there. And in addition to the outside world I have created this conspiracy in my own life.

I believed certain things about the way things should be in my life and my business. I wanted things to be magical and mystical and … guess what … that’s not how things are. And my number one self sabotage technique was expecting the magic unicorn to show up because I put things out there. I continued to allow this belief to lead me into all kinds of directions except the one that was the one I was meant to be moving in with consistent and persistent effort.

Persistent consistency or consistent persistency haha 😉

I am grateful though, because now that I am aware of this belief I have received these learnings and really understood their depth I can confidently do the work – all the work, not just some of it – and achieve all my outcomes. I don’t just believe that I can have everything I want, I know it. And I also know that it involves effort and inspired action all the way there, not just some of the way there. I also know that this isn’t about controlling everything or knowing the exact how. It’s disappointing that the magic unicorn isn’t going to come and magically make everything happen for me. Yup. It’s very disappointing and I was so angry about it. But now that the anger has passed I’m ok and I’m ready to be real and to do the work and to receive.

Actually, the magic unicorn is disguised as follow up and follow though :). Actually, I am starting to believe that I am the magic in my own life.


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