My name is Kasia and I don’t celebrate anything

I woke up fairly happy as always. I know I was processing stuff during the night because I didn’t have a restful sleep. I remember having conversations with God during the night and asking for light. It’s the only time that my mind is truly quiet. As I faced the tasks in front of me I felt the usual sense of ugh.

It seems to be inevitable: I get excited about some business project or other thing and start it and then my energy

board breaking at Master Practitioner of NLP 2009

board breaking at Master Practitioner of NLP 2009

leaves and I feel sucked dry. Almost like the excitement is a vampire and it sucks the life out of me. I haven’t been able to figure out why or what the root cause is. As a practitioner of various healing modalities it’s so much easier for me to help others see their own gaps than my own. Thank goodness for my tribe of amazing women. I can count on a good conversation.

The big truth that I uncovered is that I don’t celebrate anything I accomplish or succeed at. Nothing. Ever. I think about it a little bit and share it with some people in my life but that’s it. I haven’t ever gotten excited about stuff. Who knows why? At some point I decided that celebration was unnecessary and that decision is limiting me today. I have recently finished my Masters degree, paid off my debt, decluttered all kinds of stuff from the basement, joined a belly dance class, and so much more! How can I not celebrate all these things? I dunno…it feels weird to do it. Almost as if it’s not good enough or something.

Why would the Universe bring me more success…no matter how hard I worked for it…if all I ever saw in my life was hard work and failure and the lack of success? It feels really awkward to celebrate myself but I have decided that I will celebrate every single little thing that even remotely resembles success every day starting right now. I have told my family I’m doing this and also declared it to the world at large through the awesomeness that is Facebook. I warned them that I may get annoying and they told me to “get annoying!”

All of a sudden I am excited and it’s not sucking the life out of me. Yahoo!! Celebrate with me world! How do you like to celebrate your successes?


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