Fear: What if something goes wrong?

I had a healing session today with a friend who practices Access Consciousness. It was very similar to Reiki. During the session I felt lots of things and realized something about myself that is the beginning of a shift. I can feel it!

There are lots of things that I want to try but would stop myself before even taking the first step. I had no idea why I would stop myself even though I’ve been aware of the fact that I do it. My friend asked me some questions and it came out that I am afraid of putting work into something only to find out that I don’t like the result or the experience. Whoa! So really, deep down, I am afraid of the “WHAT IF something goes wrong?”

The cool part is that I don’t know if I will like the result or not. What if I do like it? What if I LOVE it? Knowing that this is all I’m afraid of has shifted my whole perspective. I now have a choice in whether I work towards something or not. Cuz what if it turns out awesome!?


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