Emotional Triggers are hard!



It feels so hard to be awake some days! And to feel abundant too, which is ironic because that’s the name of this blog. Today is one of those days. I found myself thinking it would just be so much easier to be a sleeping drone who just went to work at some job every day and was fine with that. But I’m not. Today I’m finding myself stuck trudging through the human propensity to want more and feel like I don’t have enough or am enough. I know this isn’t true, of course. I know that I am enough and I am worthy and so is everyone else. But there is stuff coming up in my face today that is so uncomfortable and I know the only way to the other side is through this.

My tactic used to be to get angry, to belittle myself, to withdraw from the world and shut down emotionally. That didn’t work so well and I ended up more miserable than ever. The best tactic I have learned so far is to forgive myself, treat myself with kindness, give myself a break, and reach for the next best thought. Through this I have learned to trust a little bit more that I will be ok on the other side of what stands in my way. If I fully trusted none of this would be coming up anymore. What I know for sure is that life was not easier when I was asleep and a drone. Life is infinitely better now even though days like this come up. It’s all part of the journey.

I’ve created the Emotional Trigger Emergency Kit for dealing with days like today. You can get yours here.


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