Kicking bad habits with trust

TarotI am feeling very uncomfortable today. I have been a doer in the past and now that I’m living more intuitively and just being a lot more, the not doing is sometimes very hard. Today especially I am called to just be and I feel like something is about to be born but I have no idea what it is. Not even Tarot cards gave me any hints. I am simply being called to trust, trust, trust! This is feeling very hard today because my old habit of doing is rearing its head. My gut hurts too because today I am having trouble digesting this new way of being.

So I’m being kind to myself and practicing trusting. I am trying not to should all over myself and push things and do things just for the sake of doing. Right now I trust that when the time comes for me to know and step into what is coming, that I will know and do what needs to be done.


Your thoughts

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