I am a new mom

I wanted to start this blog last year. I didn’t. Even as I sit here now I wonder if I want to commit to another blog but I really think I do. My intentions for starting a blog are very different from the one I started five years ago. I am different and I show up in the world differently.

Yesterday I finished my Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and feel like I have a lot more room Image credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpockele/5913567522/sizes/m/in/photolist-a1yzAJ-5ps9Wy-5psVrj-5psSSS-eJLRHd-4si9Jq-9ahxd7-dffvn1-aUVVsi-bXAh9E-bXzkDC-bXAht3-bXzngW-bXzmef-aDdSbi-5W3puT-aBnve6-aBnuBz-aBnvjz-aBqbto-aBnvsT-aBqbDU-aBnvox-aBnuN6-aBnuRP-aBnuHT-aBnvar-aBqby5-8DJ3Q9-aV94fi-doojR5-5GFoTR-bDfBGT-8LFoRV-d3wtHw-aAuvKB-96xtn9-9WUyZe-7Vxnuz-9Uc1JJ-dCBrY4-dCGSif-7S8Tbw-a6cmnW-e9VXfa-dCHR25-aBqaRQ-ffYZMC-8ewXfQ-9RGsFi-9YKzUa/in my head for taking on different things. It’s been a long time coming, finishing this degree. I have a whole list of things I promised myself I would do after I finished. Number one on it was always learning to play guitar, but I have recently discovered a passion for bellydance and I think that’s what I will put as number two. Number one has become all about my children! They should have always been number one but I wasn’t that mom before. My children are nine and almost eleven and I am the one who feels reborn after finishing my degree. They are the ones who have been patient with me while I struggled, learned, fell down, picked myself up, and did it all over again.

So I’ll see where this blog takes me…I am putting it out there with an adventurous and curious mind and no real commitments. I will write whenever the fancy strikes me. The design will probably change a million times until it’s really pretty. And I will have fun with it! I’ve never been one for having fun so this time I will make that a priority.

image credit


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